Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Agio Midnight Sun Raid 2014

Agio Midnight Sun Raid 2014, Starting in Piteå, finnishing in Kalix after seven races during three days and one night. The Archipelago in Bay of Bothnia is the only sweetwater/brackish archipelago in the world! You will meet an exotic archipelago with over 1.300 islands, long sandy beaches and midnight sun. The shallow archipelago is not only a navigation challange, but makes the water warm and the bright balmy nights make sailing possible all around the clock

Registry is closed, for late entry please email 

Entry fee 4000 SEK per boat "all inclusive"

Wednesday july 2nd
Boats arrive to Renöhamn east of Piteå
17:00 Raceoffice open for registration
19:00 Opening ceremony and dinner Svinöra Piteå
21:00 raceoffice closes.
Thursday July 3rd
08:00 Raceoffice open for registration
09:00 Skippers meeting
10:00 Start race 1 outside Svinöra marina.
13.00 approx finnish race 1, and lunch at Antnäs Börtskär beach
14:00 approx start race 2,
17:00 approx finnish race 2, at Klubbviken Luleå
Time for sauna a swim and a little relax
19:00 Dinner at Likskär, Luleå yachtclub, with daly prize ceremony
Friday July 4th
09:00 Skippers meeting at Klubbvilken
10:00 Start race 3
13:00 approx finnish race 3, and lunch at Finnskäret Småskär beach
14:00 approx start race 4
17:00 approx finnish race 4 at Gårdsviken Töre
Time for sauna a swim and a little relax
19:00 Dinner at Töre yacht club with daly prize ceremony
21:00 Skippers meeting
22:00 Start race 5, midnight sun race, rounding the northern most point of Bay of Bothnia.
01:00 approx finnish race 5.
Saturday July 5th
09:00 Skippers meeting
10:00 Start race 6
13:00 approx finnish race 6  at Getskär
14:00 Start race 7,
17:00 approx finnish race 7 Stora Trutskär Kalix.
Time for sauna a swim and a little relax or time to catch cars and trolleys from Piteå.
19:00 Dinner at with prize ceremony

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