Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Forcasts has improved and the race committy has made the decision to race.

Quite strong winds are predicted and the race cource and stop overs may be adapted to the conditions.

Welcome to Agio Midnight Sun Raid 2016 - lets race! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Arrival, accomodation and practicalities

Ten days to go and the time is running!

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When arriveing at Brändöns Fritidsby unload directly on the gras above the beach.
Use the parking close to the beach when preparing your boat.
You will find the car and trailer parking along the road about 100 meter forward.

Accomodation and breakfast

Brändöns fritidsby offers accomodation in nice 4 bed cottages just a few meters from the beach.

Price per cottage and night (24 hours):
  • 990 SEK without linnen and breakfast. Self cleaning
  • 1590 SEK with linnen, breakfast and cleaning included

Booking (with our discount):

Baggage transportations between night beaches

  • For transportation we will use a large fishingboat
  • Tools, spare parts and etc will fit on the transportship
  • Please use waterprotected/waterproof bags och sacs.



Waypoints and Charts under Race area

Time to start planning the race. Download "paper charts" and waypoints under Race area.

Take a look at and enjoy the archipelago by Google Earth, find and long for the beaches and roundings,  fear for the shallow areas or go nuts for the exiting navigational thrills.

To the race area

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Three weeks to go!

12 teams ready and a few still i n the planning phase!
Agio Midnight Sun Raid 2016 will start from Brändöns Fritidsby, some 25 km NE from Luleå,  N 65.67,  E22.36
July the first teams will gather for a great barbeque, rigging and getting ready to start.

At the spot theres a hotel and cottages posible to rent for the night, great saunas, restaurant and a beach for the boats. Theres also a parking for cars and trailers.

Click on the map for further information on Brändöns fritidsby and how to get there.

Brändöns fritidsby